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As a child, they had to force you to eat

As a child, you ate from hunger, and then someone made you stop crying, rewarding you with candy or making you see how good you were by giving you a chocolate that you somehow deserved. Late in the evening, you only used food to keep you company, and then you continued doing it without understanding its disadvantages today.

You have learned that if they reward you with food or punish you by taking your dinner, then you can do it on your own.

Now do you know where the real underlying problem hides?

The idea that it would be impossible for you to lose weight and remain thin is formulated and demonstrated, in your opinion, by years of failure. That idea is, by far, the biggest problem to solve.

For me, sometimes, it was not easy. Do you know the most difficult step to solve? It is going beyond our own thoughts.

If you are convinced that it is practically impossible for you to remain poor, nothing ever works. The fact that you are not thin does not mean that you cannot become one. It just means that up until now, you have not known how to do it. You always use the diet system that gives the same result.

But to give yourself a real chance, you need to put aside thinking that it is difficult or not something that belongs to you. You have to go beyond what you think of yourself, which is perhaps scary.

The problem is that change is fear.

You can’t change your body if you don’t change your way of thinking. Change inside first then later (and as an automatic consequence) change outside. Thinking that dieting is the diet is one of the biggest lies.

You need to eat better, of course. But you cannot get there by putting impossible impositions on yourself from one day to the next and then thinking you have failed if you can’t.

To really lose weight, you need to change your way of thinking; everything starts from there. The fact is that changing your thinking is scary, which is why people prefer to change their diet by collecting failures rather than going to the root of the problem.

My job is to make you accountable for certain things and explain to you how to get out of them so you can set off to change them even when it is not easy.

But one day, like today, you will open your eyes and understand that you are not the dustbin, which is a habit that can be changed by finding the right path in which power and control come back to you without using willpower and changing how you talk and what you visualize, which is the wonderful discovery that I see every day in the people who today follow this coaching path with me.

We already have inside each one of us all we need to change the habits that today are no longer useful and to become FREE as we deserve.

Rossella Tocco is an iNLP Center Neuro-linguistic Programming Master, Life Coach, Trainer and iNLP Center Italy Director. She has trained hundreds of people to lose weight without dieting, starting on the inside. Rossella has been sharing this method in Italy since 2015 with super successful results. Hundreds of people have lost excess weight and freed themselves of the “non-constructive” behaviors that they once connected with food.