eliminate Guilt

Nietzsche on How to Eliminate Useless Guilt from your Life

The concepts of free will and subsequent guilt for making “wrong” choices were invented in order to control people.

The concepts of right, wrong, and personal choice came from religion.  Using the concept of religious morality to control the masses has been a hotly debated concept for a long, long time.

If people were taught that they had free will and were responsible for their choices, then it would be easy to punish them when they did things that were outside of the desires of leadership.

According to philosopher Frederic Nietzsche, there is no God and no free will. Nietzsche says that no one is responsible for the fact that he or she exists. Nobody chose the circumstances under which to be born. We didn’t choose our parents. We did not choose our strengths and weaknesses and physiological (or psychological) tendencies. We didn’t choose our talents or gifts. Our choices are not the result of conscious deliberation and free will. 

For example, did you choose your psychological issues? If you suffer with social anxiety, did you consciously decide to adopt that malady? Nope. If you’re not as tall as you’d like to be, did you choose to be shorter than you ideal? No.

This is interesting because modern science backs what Nietzsche is saying.  our decisions are made unconsciously. For the most part, we only become aware consciously of the results of our decisions which were weighed and measured and deliberated at an unconscious level.  this is not conjecture but scientific fact.

Given that there is no God and there is no free will and decisions are made unconsciously, there is no room for guilt and shame and punishment. 

What are the ramifications of such a philosophy?

First of all, we must do away when she idea that any one person is individually responsible for anything. We all came into existence in the same manner. No human being made any choice and no God chose to create any individual human being with any intention behind it whatsoever. 

Therefore, if one person is guilty of something so is everyone that it’s impossible to separate out one individual from another you can’t even divorce the existence of human beings from the existence of the Earth from the existence of the solar system and the universe itself.

It’s all part of the same whole and there is nothing outside it. There is no independent will outside of existence that has any capacity to judge the choices made inside existence.

It is what it is.

And therefore, there’s nothing we can do about it. Actually, I don’t know if I really understand any of this